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2018-03-20: Team Husky Horizon entered and finished both the 'Vildmarksracet' and the 'Polardistans 160' this season:

After an Autum and Winter with a lot of training focused on Long Distance Running, Team Husky Horizon entered the ' Vildmarksracet' in january, a 120 km sleddog race in Nornäs, Sweden. The team did very well and ended up in 6th place in the Open Class group C (Siberian Husky's).
In March, Team Husky Horizon entered the 'Polar Distans 160 8-dogs group C', a 169 km long race in the Mountains of Särna, Sweden. Very deep trails and a total climbing of 2056 meters during the race, was challenging. The team even had a broken steering system on the sled, after app 65 km in the race. All the dogs did extremely well and we was holding on to our plan, inclusive 2 hours of rest in the checkpoint. We took 3rd place in our group.
Both results are for us pretty fantastic, thinking of the fact, that we live and train in Denmark, without any mountains, warm Winters and dirt tracks to train on. Our training was focused on heavy training, Interval training and training that builds up VO2max in the dogs. It worked out nicely.
All the dogs are in extremely good shape and health, and we are now training the dogs down towards the all to long Summer break.

2017-06-04: Cancelled breeding Team Husky Horizon Minnesota:

Unfortunately our female Minnesota, did play tricks with us and went over the days for breeding without we noticed. Her egs were ready three days prior to our expectations, so we were late. Well, then we had a lesson.

2017-04-06: Team Husky Horizon - More info about breeding plans this spring/summer:

We are very pleased to inform, that Team Husky Horizon Minnesota will be bred by Alka-Shan's Diamond-Dust.
We know 'Dusty' very well, and he has been father to our Alaska-River litter in 2015 which gave four very nice working Siberian Huskies.
Minnesota is sister to our Iowa, who gave us 6 very nice puppies in 2016. The 'Quest' litter. Minnesota is a bit more light build than Iowa but a bit higher too. In temper Minnesota is very close to Iowa. With small differences of course but pretty much like her.

This litter is planned, because we need to ad some new young Huskies to our pack, and therefor we will keep at least two puppies. With this litter, we will breed a bit in on the lines we have in our team. The inbreeding will be 6,45%. Not a lot, but enough to secure that we are strenghtening the expression of 'The Team Husky Horizon Siberian Husky'. If 2 and 2 still is 4 :-)

Our main focus is as always, to secure the best possible Working Siberian Husky (health, temper, moving, power, endurance, metabolism, etc) within the breed standard of the purebred Siberian Husky. 

Team Husky Horizon Minnesota - facts:

Racing: International Scandinavian Stage Race 2016, 2nd fastest purebred team
Eyes: Clear
Show: Very Good

You can learn more about Minnesota under the site 'Our Siberians'. Scroll down to Minnesota. Minnesotas pedigree you can find here

Alka-Shan's Diamond-Dust - facts:

Racing: International Scandinavian Stage Race 2016, fastest purebred team, Polar Distance 2016 180 km (EC) 3rd place, Polar Distance 2017 160 km (WC) 6th.
Eyes: Clear
Show: Exellence
DNA profile
Working Certificate: Distance Open (DO)

You can learn more about Alka-Shan's Diamond-Dust here


2017-03-30: Team Husky Horizon - breeding in spring/summer 2017:

We are planning one litter in spring/summer 2017. We wish to add new members to our pack of working Siberian Huskies, and therefor we plan one litter this summer. There will be a few puppies for sale to the right and active sleddog families. We will be back with further informations when we have a successful breeding. Sometime in May/June 2017.

2017-03-30: Our Siberians updated with Team Husky Horizon Dawson Devil:

Take a look at 'Our Siberians' and learn about Team Husky Horizon Dawson Devil, our male from the litter, august 2017.

2016-08-17: Team Husky Horizon Quest Litter is born:

Team Husky Horizon Iowa gave birth to six very nice puppies. Four males and two females. All pretty dark with different white markings. Father to the puppies, is Indian Tribe Husky's Geronimo. Learn more about Iowa and Geronimo, visit the site Our Siberians

You will find the Pedigree of the litter here



2016-07-18: Vakarevo's Balto Of Triton back in Germany for breeding:

Today, Balto travelled down to Kennel Alka-Shan in Hannover, to breed one of their females. This is Baltos third time to visit Alka-Shan, so he knows his way around the kennel and the other Siberians. Maybe he will have a chance to say hi to the male puppy he is farther to already. We are looking forward to learn more about the success of this breeding.

2016-07-15: Team Husky Horizon Iowa is with puppies:

Today, we took Iowa to Canicold to have an ultrasound scanning. It was great to discover that Iowa has 6 puppies, maybe even 7 or 8. Date of birth is app August 20th. We look forward to this very interesting litter - Indian Tribe Husky's Geronimo x Team Husky Horizon Iowa. You can learn more about Geronimo and Iowa, if you visit the page Our Siberians.

2016-06-16: Indian Tribe Husky's Geronimo x Team Husky Horizon Iowa

If everything goes as we hope for, we will have puppies around august 20, from the abovementioned breeding. You can find info of the two Siberian Huskies at the site 'Our Siberians'.

2016-05-06: Vakarevo's balto Of Triton - Bestätigung über die Zuchtzulassung im SHC für einen Rüden...

...dessen Besitzer seinen festen Wohnsitz im Ausland hat.
In other Words. I now have a certificate telling that Balto is approved as a studdog in SHC - Siberian Husky Club Deutschland.
Take a look at the site 'Males for breeding'.

2016-05-05: Balto is home again, after his job as a stud dog in Hannover:

After a long vacation in Hannover at Kennel Alka-Shan, Balto is back home. We are so happy to know, that Baltos breeding was successful and that Alka-Shan's Yearly-Yalca, is with puppies. And that she has one for us too. Balto is brother to our foundation bitch of our kennel, Bliss. The first two litters we made, was with Bliss. The third litter was with her daughter, Nenana as the female. All the litters have added some to our kennel and to our performances in races.
We are pretty sure, that this new puppy will follow up on the positive development of our team.

2016-04-06: Vakarevo's Balto Of Triton breeded Alka-Shan's Yearly-Yalca:

Our great old male Balto is for the moment on a visit at Kennel Alka-Shan in Hannover, Germany. We now hope that Alka-Shan's Yearly-Yalca is with pups, and are looking forward to hear and see more.

2016-03-21: Indian Tribe Husky's Geronimo & Vakarevo's Balto Of Triton - Stud dogs

The two males, owned by Team Husky Horizon, are both chosed as stud dogs of other kennels this summer.
Geronimo is going to breed Kennel Ulvedalens Aliy Zirkle and Balto are on a summer visit at Alka-Shan in Hannover.
We are looking so much forward to the litters and hope for the best. Our plan is to take in a pup from each litter, if everything turns out as we hope. You can learn more about Geronimo and Balto on the site Our Siberians or the site Males for breeding. On our site Links, we have links to both kennels. Enjoy.


2016-03-18: Team Husky Horizon - International Scandinavian Stage Race 2016

Tean Husky Horizon entered the first edition of International Scandinavian Stage Race. A stage race in Swedish Lappland, more precisely in Umnäs, Storuman.
The race was a four days event, with different stages each day. The area the race was executed in, was absolutely beautiful. Fantastic nature and scenarie. The raceorganisation has secured the best possible trails, compared to the challenges the weather gave them only a few days before the race started.

Day one, a 38 km trail in mixed terrain and over frozen lakes. Some parts of the trail were deep and with water on the trail. That just added to the exiting challenge. It was a tough day for our team, as we did not have the same training on snow as our competitors. We only had 165 km on hard snowtrails from Denmark on a four wheeler, and 210 km on snow and sled in Sweden befre the race. All in all we had 1.100 km of total training before the race.
But, the dogs recovered nicely after day one and I was not in doubt that they were ready for day two.

Day two, a 48 km mountain stage, with a couple of serious climbs. The first 20 km or more, I felt that our team was on a trip to the moon. Up, up, up and up again. The team did extremly well, and with investments from me in cooperation with the dogs, we did a pretty nice stage. No dogs overworked. Only the musher. The scenarie up on the mountain was unbelievable beautiful. And the descent down the mountain was simply one of the best dogdriving experiences I have ever had. 

Day three, two sprint stages each 12 km. Normally this is one of my favorites. The sprint. I like the speed and the energy we as a team work with. Hey, all you distance racers. It actually is pretty nice to hammer through turns and narrow trails with trees on the side, with 30 km/h. This time I was exited, if the dogs could reset from the hard trails with limited speed, to the faster and shorter sprint stage. They did absolutely well. And I was working hard, as I used my Dannevall distance sled as a sprint sled. It steers like a sprintsled, but ofcourse it is more heavy, bigger and not as easy to run and kick with. Only three hounds team and a very experienced Siberian Team was in front of us on this stage.

Day four, a 32 km long typical MD trail. Also a favorite distance for my team when we do trainingruns. They just fit in to these distances, the dogs. The trails were absolutely nice prepared. The first 10 km or more, was a steady climp. Not especially steep, still it's pretty tough. The dogs were doing better and better, and I did to. We had the best run ever. A Siberian Husky Team, doing 32 km with an average speed of over 20 km/h, that is pretty fast. And we had fun as... The dogs just enjoyed the trail and so did I. Later we were told from the people along the trail, that they could both hear and see the happyness of the dogs and I, when we passed them. The experience of this particular stage, is printed into me forever. It was like I have always dreamed of. The effort the dogs did, the feeling on the sled and the efforts I did. It just worked out in a fantastic way. Only three hounds team was in front of us this stage.

We ended up with a pretty nice 5th place, on this very first stage race in our sleddog life. Only our 2nd race on snow, ever. Absolutely not the last.

Stage 1

Stage 2 - Mountain stage

Stage 3 - Start Sprint 1

Stage 4 - 32 km MD stage

Stage 4 - 32 km MD stage - finishline

My brother and handler at the ISSR - Anders Persson

2015-11-10: Team Husky Horizon Alaska Rivers Litter

Our puppies are growing beautiful and developing very nice. They are now 9 weeks old and full of energy, doing the best to discover the World around them.



2015-09-20: Nenana puppies are growing:

Team Husky Horizon Alaska Rivers Litter are growing very nice. Eating well and actually already walking around the puppy bed, although they still are pretty unsecure on their feet. Looking very funny. Still we are impressed by their eager to move on in lifte and development.

Follow the link to see the Pedigree


2015-09-07: Team Husky Horizon Nenana gave birth to four fine puppies

Two males and two females weighing from 465 - 565 gram. Four very nice puppies with a good appetite and very fine physics.

2015-03-29: Team Husky Horizon - breeding plans:

We now plan to develope our team with a new litter. Team Husky Horizon Nenana from our first litter - The Serum Run Litter - is now chosen to be the mother to new fantastic Siberians in our team. The male is going to be Alka-Shan's Diamond-Dust. To learn more about Nenana, please visit the site "Our Siberians", and scroll Down to Nenana.
To learn more about Alka-Shan's Diamond-Dust. please follw this

When we come closer to the date of breeding, more will follow.


2015-03-06: Vakarevo's Balto Of Triton and Indian Tribe Husky's Geronimo guestdogs on Polar Distance Team:

Our lead dog and pack leader Balto - 9 years old - and Geronimo, participated and completed the Polar Distance 2015, 180 km Nome style 6-8 dogs Group C.
Balto was - in a very difficult part of the route - in single lead securing that the team found the blown away trail, and hereby still was able to complete the race.
Find out more about these two fantastic Siberian Huskies under the site
"Our Siberians"


2015-01-25: Team Husky Horizon takes silver in National Championship - Rig race 4-dog class (Class C1):

First day racing went pretty well, and our plans were working very nice. We are used to do training passes on 20 km, so we knew that the dogs should adjust their performance and power to only 7 km runs. After day one, we secured a starting place only 2 seconds behind first team on day 2. A perfekt possition for our team. Day 2, the team was flying out of the chute. Knowing that the run was short, the dogs streched out even more and powered up accordingly. Unfortunately our young leader Maine, braked a bit after a takeover of a team competing in another class, and our wheeldog was tangled up in the neckline. Magnus had to stop the team to untangle the dog, and do the takeover one more time. The team was flying again, but it was not enough to catch up the lost time, to a very fast team in front.
We missed the first place by 8 (eight) seconds.
Well, that's a part of the game. We will be back racing again, heading for first place. Of course.

2014-12-30: Team Husky Horizon on trainingcamp at Camp Dannevall during Christmas and New Year

We had some great days and trainingruns during Christmas and New Year 2014, at Camp Dannevall.

2014-11-25: Team Husky Horizon wins The November Race class c1 - Again:

Magnus Persson had two fantastic runs in the 4-dog class for Siberian Huskies. 4,7 km in 9:59 day one, and 10:37 day two. What a team!!! The trail is a bit hilly, so the speed is actually pretty good, the trails in mind.

2014-04-13: Training season almost history:

The weather is now turning up the temperature, setting an end to our training this season. Has it been a good season for our team? Did we reach our goals? Depends on how you look at it. We choose to look at it, as a pretty good season. Despite the bad Winter, we have been able to put a lot of trainings into our dogs. Not counted on mileage, but number of runs. This helped us educating the youngsters in behaving and acting on the team. This season, we had 6 youngsters in our team of 14 dogs.
Out of the 6 youngsters, age 18 months now, we have spotted two new leaddogs and two more with leader potentials. That counts when valuing our season.

Late November 2013, we partcipated in a sprint race with two 4-dog teams. At this time we had eight dogs old enough for racing, so we did not have the possibilities of selecting dogs especially for the race. We used the dogs we had. And the two teams took first and second place. That counts when valuing our season. 

We have had a great trip to Camp Dannevall in Sweden in february. The maintaining of the trails and the professionalism Kjell and Nina Dannevall Works with preparing the trails for the guests, secured us two weeks with fine and dueable trailconditions. We did some very nice trainingruns and a couple of familytours. That counts when valuing our season.

Just now, we are looking at fourteen healthy and very wellconditioned Siberian sleddogs. Dogs that describe the type of working Siberian Sleddogs that we like. The result of our focus on buying, breeding, nursing, feeding, training and handling in a way that build up a team of Siberians we believe in. 
That counts when valuing a lot of seasons with our fantastic sledogs.



2013-11-24: Team Husky Horizon - Takes 1. and 2. place in "Novemberløbet" c-class:

With eight dogs allowed to race (due to age), we participated in this weeks November-race with two 4-dog teams in the same class. Magnus also had his debute in sleddog racing.
Day one, my team came in in best time - 11:19 and Magnus was third with a racetime of 11:34. Day two, Magnus was flying and raced over the finishline in only 10:26, and my team did 10:55. Both teams cutted of time in day two. That is pretty nice. Total racetime and first place, 22:00. Congratulations to you Magnus. I had to use 14 seconds more, and ended up in second place.
All in all, a great race-weekend for our Team. Team Husky Horizon. Born to run - Raised to win :-



2013-03-03: Team Husky Horizon - Split 1. place in rig race in Vroegum, Denmark.

This weekend, our team travelled across Denmark to participate in a rig-race in A-class (8-dog class), group C. We took 7 of our Siberians to the race, and they did absolutely very well. All worked nice and steady, with a great focus and great efforts. A split 1. place. We are pretty satisfied wit our team right now.
We met a lot of nice people and had a nice evening with dinner together with all the other mushers. Great arrangement. We will be back again next year.

You can se further details about our raceresults on the site "Racing results".

2013-01-20: Team Husky Horizon in Rig-Race:

This weekend, our team participated in a Rig-Race in Gribskov in Northern Sealand, Denmark.
We have dicided to try a couple of our young dogs (3 years old) from our Serum Run Litter, in lead. They did extremly well. Very secure in commands and worked with a fantastic drive. We entered the 4-dog class, wich is not a class that normal fit me, with my almost 100 kg. Despite that, we end up with a second place. Ulvedalens Bauge and Vakarevo's Balto Of Triton, worked extremely nice as wheel-dogs, and thereby complimented the high drive from our two leaddogs very nice. We even had snow on trails. On a wagon on wheels, that means extra hard work for me and the dogs. They did a great job.

2012-12-17: Puppies have now moved to their new puppy yard:

Our pups are now so grown up, that the puppy yard in the livingroom was to small for them. They have moved into our new indoor puppyyard together with their mother Bliss, and with occationally visit from some of our other adult male Huskies. We have almost moved into the new yard together with the pups as often as possible. They have a great time, running around the great dogyard, playing and climbing up their new puppy playtower, build by Magnus and Claus. They are all very great eaters and although they are little individuals, they have the same outgoing temper, in the most possitve way. The activity is in the high end of the scale, compared to other pups I have met. Also they seem to be very well in movements. The jump, run and climb on everything, and I'm impressed about their movements when they are sprinting around after each other. Even the most substant of the pups are light and fast on their feet. We are looking very much foreward to see them in action when they are in real training next september.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


2012-12-04: New portraits of the pups - 40 days old:

All seven pups from the Team Husky Horizon,North American State Litter are developing very fine, They all seems to be very active puppies, with a great and foreward going temper. They are curious and like to be in contact with us. They all live inside the house with us. We have build a large puppy-yard in our livingroom. 270 cm x 160 cm. That gives all the pups great space to play in, and they are near us all the time. They are getting used to different noices and also learn our different voices. Great people contact makes great dogs. We believe that we are investing in the puppies mental bankaccount in a very possitive way. This is one of the important things we do, to fullfill our motto "born to run - raised to win". Enjoy the photos of each pup.

North American State Litter - Rhode Island is sleeping inside the box


North Dakota





Rhode Island


2012-11-20: New pictures from sunday:

Our pups are growing very nice, and they are having fun with each other in the new in-house puppy yard. Here you have the latest pics of each puppy.

North Dakota - male

Alaska - female

Maine - male

Montana - female

Minnesota - female

Rhode Island - male

Iowa - female

Sleeping with mum

2012-11-12: Pups playing.

We have a lot of fun with the pups now. They like to play around and are starting to get curious about the surroundings.

2012-11-08: Pups walking now.

All the pups are now walking around the puppybox and examining every corner and each other. Fun, and a bit noisy.

We have uploaded the pedigree of the litter. Click here.

2012-11-05: 11 days old, and 6 of the pups already have eyes opened.

Portrait pictures of each pup, 11 days old.

North Dakota - Male

Alaska - Female

Maine - Male

Montana - Female

Minnesota - Female

Rhode Island - Male

Iowa - Female

2012-11-04: The puppies are growing nicely and are all in very good shape.

Today the puppy Alaska opened her eyes. All the pups are eating very nicely from Bliss, and they are all growing as expected.
They now are crawling around in the puppybox and are beginning to be a bit more active. Some are even trying to walk on all 4 legs. We are looking foreward to the rest of the pups open their eyes.


2012-04-07: Team Husky Horizon on a training run in Sweden, Camp Dannevall feb 2012.

This film shows one of our trainings this winter. The distance is 21 km. We follow Claus' 6-dog Team on the Dannevall MD sled, and Magnus' 5-dog team on a Danler Hornet sprint sled. The Dannevall sled felt so good, that I chose it as my new sled, and bought one :-)

Watch the film, click here